Year 2


Year Two have been learning about statistics in Maths. First, they learnt about tally marks and how they can be used to help count up objects. They practised reading different tally marks and making them themselves. Then they were ready to put their knowledge into practise and make tally charts to c


In Geography, Year Two have been learning all about the world’s continents and oceans. The children learned that a continent is a large, solid area of land and there are seven continents in total. They thoroughly enjoyed learning some interesting facts about each continent, including the number of c


This term in computing, Year Two have been learning about how computers and robots work. The boys and girls started by identifying that computers and robots cannot think for themselves, they can only follow instructions. Then the children had a go at following instructions themselves. Working in pai


Nursery had a very busy morning, in class we looked at plants that may be a bit “risky”. Thistles, nettles, brambles etc. Miss Rowe showed the children which insects only live on these plants and why it’s so important we allow areas for these habitats to thrive. We watched a short film about all the


In English, Year Two have been learning all about Amelia Earhart. The children used the front cover of the story to predict why they thought Amelia was so important. Using the illustrations, they identified that she was a famous pilot. As part of their book launch, the boys and girls made their own


Some of the Year Two children have been taking part in a Lego STEM club. Each week they have found out about a different STEM related career and then taken part in an activity to link to these careers. First the children found out about civil engineers and mechanical engineers and completed their ow


In Art, Year Two have been learning all about tie-dye. Did you know tie-dye has been around for a very long time, but it looks different around the world? First, the children learned about an artist called Yoshiko Wada. She uses a dying technique which is very similar to tie-dye. It is called Shibor