Amazing Algorithms

This term in computing, Year Two have been learning about how computers and robots work. The boys and girls started by identifying that computers and robots cannot think for themselves, they can only follow instructions. Then the children had a go at following instructions themselves. Working in pairs, the children took it in turns to describe a simple picture for their partner to draw. They had to think very carefully about the instructions they gave to make it easy for their partner to understand them. They then compared their pictures to see how well they had given and followed the instructions.

The boys and girls also tried being human ‘robots’. The children gave instructions to move around the classroom and the ‘robot’ followed them. The children soon realised that it is important to be clear and precise when giving instructions.

Next, the children started to think about the importance of putting instructions in the correct order. They found out that an algorithm is a precise set of ordered instructions. Did you know that an algorithm can be turned into code on a computer, such as one inside a robot? The children looked at how they could create lots of different algorithms using the same instructions and explored the different outcomes that these algorithms would produce.

After that, the boys and girls had the opportunity to program beebots. Some of the children used an app on the ipads to program a beebot to use a maze, while others worked with a beebot on a floor mat. They thought carefully about how to direct the beebot to where they wanted it to go and then tested out their code. If it contained errors, they worked together to change the code until they were able to achieve the desired outcome. The children worked well in their teams and demonstrated resilience and problem solving skills. Well done Year Two!


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