Online Safety

We live in a technological world which is constantly developing and progressing.  Children now have access to multiple electronic devices from an increasingly early age which provides them with the ability to connect to others quickly and easily.

This connectivity can have huge benefits allowing the world to be a smaller place with communities communicating in ways impassible before computers and mobile technology.  However, being online can have its challenges.  Without the support of trusted adults, children can be extremely vulnerable to inappropriate material and to those who would look to harm them.

At Harlow Green, we understand our responsibilities in educating children to learn about online safety so that they can, without fear, use this invaluable resource to learn about themselves and the world around them as well as keeping in touch with friends and family.

Through the curriculum, particularly in computing and PSHE, children are taught directly about the dangers associated with being online and how to reduce the risks.  The curriculum adapts as new technology develops but is regular and age-appropriate.  Over time, we also provide information and resources for parents/carers where necessary.

Keeping SMART online is essential at all times and this poster is an easy way to summarise how everyone should behave online and what to do if something worries us.  Families can discuss the rules and agree how IT should be used in their households in order to keep everybody safe.

Below are some resources which families may find useful.  These sites will provide lots of information for both parents and children covering a wide range of online aspects.  However, if there is any support that we may be able to provide to support your child, please contact the class teachers.