Year 4


Over the last two weeks, we have been looking at where we live in the world. We started big – looking at the planet and how it is divided into different areas, including land and sea, continents and climate zones.  We also looked at the 5 key lines of latitude including the Equator, Arctic circles


This half term, year 4 are using a new text as a stimulus for their work in English. To launch the text, they were given the mission to be Histronauts for the afternoon. This involved travelling back in time to visit a Viking settlement to learn about their way of life. The children needed artefacts


In History over the last half term, we have been learning about Viking longships and the features of them that made the Vikings such successful explorers.  Linking this to DT, the children have designed and coloured a Viking sail and then created a pulley mechanism to raise and lower it.  We looke


This week, the whole school has had a change from their normal English lessons and there has been a focus on writing and performing poetry. This is an important element in the National Curriculum and one that enables children to develop their creativity and confidence performing in front of others.