Year 4


In Year 4, the children have been learning all about the Vikings! First, they learnt where the Vikings came from and what parts of Britain they invaded. The children were shocked to learn that they invaded the North of England where they lived. Then, the children learnt about Viking place names that


Welcome back to Reading Stars – ready for 2022-2023. The children have been back three weeks now and have all completed initial assessments on Reading Plus and Accelerated Reader. This gives them a starting level to read from. They have then started to access the programmes by reading different shor


This half term we are working on gymnastics’ techniques and skills – starting on jumps and landings and then balances and holds.  We have created sequences with these and then this week looked at travelling around the room at different heights using a variety of equipment. Children worked in small


In music this half term, Year 4 are learning how to play the Ukulele. Mr Langford, from Gateshead Music Service, gave the children a great introduction to the Ukulele this week and also performed some of his own songs which caused a lot of excitement. The children learned all about the history of th


This week in Year 4, the children were given clues to try and decipher what their new reading book in English would be. The first clue was a metallic egg. There were many different predictions as to what this could be. Some children thought it might be a chocolate egg, whereas others thought it migh