Year 2


This term, Year Two have been learning about significant people in their History lessons. First, they found out that a significant person is someone who has done something important. They then found out about the astronauts Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake. The boys and girls found out that Neil Armstro


In Science, Year Two have been learning all about materials. To begin, the children named different materials and identified that a material is what something is made from. Next, the children discussed why certain materials are used for different things. They found out that a material has properties


Today, Year Two visited the Centre for Life. They explored lots of zones and even watched a theatre show. In the Play Zone, the children had the opportunity to look at the giant globe in the entrance. Some of the children chose to draw pictures and add them to the picture gallery. They loved getting


In Science, Year Two have been learning all about plants. They started by identifying the main parts of flowering plants and trees and identifying what the different parts of a plant do. Did you know that plants make their own food in their leaves? Next the children set up an investigation to find o


  The younger children in school have been learning about Spikes and Stings and Sticky things this term. This encompasses slightly more risky plants; stinging nettles, brambles, thistles etc. Insects that may cause harm if provoked; bees, wasps, the occasional earwig, and Stick Safety; how we move


In Art, Year Two have been learning all about mark making. To begin, the children learned that mark making can be lines, dots or patterns used in a piece of artwork. Also, it can be used to make something look darker or to show how something feels. Year Two learned about a famous artist called Vince