Reading Corner

As we head into the Summer Term and, fingers crossed, the weather gets nicer, with long, light nights, there are so many opportunities to read outside – in the garden, the park and on the beach to name but a few. With the addition of our outdoor library in school containing many new authors and titles, this is something that we are trying to promote in school and would love to see any pictures emailed to school of the children reading in fun, or unusual, places at home too.

This week, the two recommended books fi two of my favourite categories – picture books and graphic novels. Over the last few years, there has been a real boom in the availability of graphic novels for all reading abilities and they are definitely something that the children in school enjoy.

Gustav is Missing (Age 4+): The tale of a mushroom and a slug, this iconic friendship will convince you that Little Cap isn’t just a fun guy, but he is also a brilliant friend. When his pet slug goes missing, Little Cap searches high and low for him, facing many obstacles along the way. Gustav Is Missing! is a story full of bravery, perseverance, and humour that will leave young readers giggling every time you read it.

The 39 Clues (Age 7+): Another beloved book gets the graphic novel treatment with 39 Clues: The Maze of Bones: A Graphic Novel. This book takes us on a  journey to discover 39 clues hidden around the world in order to uncover a family’s secret. A great book if you enjoy mystery and adventure and, as it is the first in the series, there are plenty more to enjoy too.

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