In Year 4 this term, we have been learning all about mountain ranges. The children have used Google Earth to locate them in the world, as well as using street view to take a walk around the mountains (which they thoroughly enjoyed!). While exploring Google Earth, the children learnt facts about the


As part of our Geography unit, Year 5 went on a trip the Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens. The children took part in a workshop, where they got to explore the different features of the rainforest and investigate how animals are adapted to live in the different layers. The children thoroughly enj


In Geography, Year Two have been learning all about life in rural Uganda. In their first lesson, the children learned to identify the difference between a rural area and an urban area. They sorted pictures to show that rural areas are often in the countryside and urban areas are towns or cities. Fro


This week, in Geography, we started our new unit of ‘Human and physical geography within a region of South America and the UK’. The children started the topic by locating South America on a world map. Once we had located South America, we took a closer look at the countries within it, focusing on Ar


Everyone in Year One was excited to start their new topic of Houses and Homes. We started off the week by looking at photos and pictures of different kinds of houses. The children loved showing their class photos of their house and we learnt the names of different kinds of houses – detached, semi-de


Across school at the end of term, all the children take part in a quiz using the app Mentimeter.  This quizzes them on all things to do with foundation lessons such as History, Geography, Art, PE, Science and more….The classes ring out with cheers and drum rolls. The children are really used to t