This week Nursery have been on a journey to China to celebrate the Chinese New Year. We have learnt all about the celebration of ‘Chinese New Year’ and explored their culture, looking at how it id different and similar to our own New Years celebration. We found that this year is the year of the Drag


Year 4 have thoroughly enjoyed their Geography topic this half term, all about mountains. They have learnt about how the structure of the Earth affects its features. Using pieces of paper, they demonstrated how the Earth’s tectonic plates can move in different ways to create mountains and volcanoes,


As part of our Geography unit, Year 5 went on a trip the Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens. The children took part in a workshop, where they got to explore the different features of the rainforest and investigate different rainforest objects. The children thoroughly enjoyed being able to hold and


This week in Reception was filled with literary wonders as we immersed ourselves in “Me on the Map” by Joan Sweeney!  Witnessing the children transform into little architects, they enthusiastically crafted plans of their bedrooms and shared their imaginative creations with friends. Venturing outdoo


This week, in Geography, we started our new unit of ‘Human and physical geography within a region of South America and the UK’. The children started the topic by locating South America on a world map. Once we had located South America, we took a closer look at the countries within it, focusing o


All of the children in Year One were excited to start their new topic of Houses and Homes. We started off the week by looking at photos and pictures of different kinds of houses. The children loved showing their class photos of their house and we learnt the names of different kinds of houses – det


In Geography, we have been learning about coastlines and water erosion. The children have learned about the features of a coast and have enjoyed looking at aerial images on Google Earth to identify these features. We explored coastlines in the United Kingdom, in particular coasts close to us and com


This week was the first time Year One had a Geography lesson. We began by talking about where we live. Some children said that they lived in Gateshead whilst others were able to say their address. The children learnt that we all live in a country called England. We found it on a globe and realised t