Club Timetable

Clubs are organised on a half-termly basis and are provided by either Harlow Green staff or external providers.  Clubs ran by school staff are not charged whereas those provided for by coaches, musicians etc. will have a cost associated.

Summer Term 2022 

Day Club/ Year Group Time
Monday Athletics Festival Training 8am till 8:50am
Year 2 Mini Kickers 3:20pm to 4:15pm
Tuesday Year 6 Cricket 3:20pm to 4:15pm
Wednesday Girls Football Training 8am to 8:50am
Boys Football Training 3:20pm to 4:15pm
Thursday Athletics Festival Training 8am to 8:50am
Friday Year 6 Tennis Club 8am to 8:50am
Gymnastics Club* 3:30pm to 4:30pm


Please Note:

*Gymnastics is run by an outside agency and therefore charges apply.