Reading is of such fundamental importance to the progress of all children in school. In KS2, the children use two reading programs – Reading Plus and Accelerated Reader. the children work independently to read and take quizzes on books and extracts. Every fortnight, we look to see which classes have


In English, Year Two are reading Beauty and the Beast. To launch our new book, the children made terrifying beast masks. After listening to the story, they had to decide whether they liked or disliked the beast. The children used some fantastic adjectives to explain their opinions of the character.


Our mission was to find the missing, deadly dinosaurs hidden in the school grounds. First the children all joined in with a dinosaur chant. “We’re going on a dinosaur hunt, we’re going to catch a big one. What a beautiful day,  we’re not scared!” Everyone searched high and low for the missing dinos


The children in Year 3 enjoyed finding clues around the school grounds.  We discussed each of the six clues and thought about the books that might link to each one.  The children’s ideas were impressive and we enjoyed talking about characters that wear a tiara and wave a wand as well as books that


Well done to the children for a busy week 1 in Year 4!  We have worked on our Science, PE, PHSE, English, Maths, Reading, Spellings, Outdoor Learning, French and Music!  They have been brilliant in getting to know new times and timetables and we can’t wait to get stuck in on Monday again. The chil


This week Year One have been introduced to poetry. The children began the week by listening to, and joining in with the poem “Walking Round the Zoo”. We learnt the poem off by heart and added actions. After this, we looked at rhyming words and thought of our own. Towards the end of the week, we made


This week, Year 4 have begun to read a new book in English about the life and achievements of Usain Bolt. To launch the book, the children watched a clip of Usain  finishing the 100m in 9.68seconds. Following this, the classes went onto the field and had the opportunity to see how far they could ru


Continuing our topic on the ‘Great Outdoors’, this week, we found out all about ladybirds.  We listened to the story, ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ by Julia Donaldson and discussed how the animals managed to trick the robbers and save the prize cow. We looked at the map of the farm that the robbers had