This week, Year 2 visited Tynemouth Aquarium. During their visit, they saw lots of different sea creatures and learned how to protect them. The children also visited the beach where they found out what their new English text is going to be for this half term. To begin, the children were given the op


This week Year Two found out what their new book for this half term would be. They received a special parcel which contained clues to their new story. The children were very excited and were keen to start unwrapping the parcel straight away! After unwrapping the first layer, the children saw a book.


This term, our class text is a short book, with few words and a great set of illustrated pictures and images. It tells the story of Henry Finch who becomes the first finch have his own thoughts – sparking the imagination in the other finches to fly off and experience life for themselves too. We laun


Throughout spring term Year One have been reading a variety of traditional tales in English lessons. This term, our focus is on The Ugly Duckling.  To launch the book, the pupils watched a video of how cygnets grow into graceful swans.  Everyone noticed how their feathers changed from fluffy grey


In this horrible, rainy weather there’s not a lot to do outside, so it’s the perfect time for grabbing a book and reading. The start of the year always sees some brilliant new book releases and WHSmith and Waterstones have some excellent displays of picture and chapter books that are well worth a lo


For the past two weeks, the children have been planning for and writing a newspaper article in English.  As part of our sentence stackers, the children have been looking at and learning about broken speech. After learning about the rules regarding punctuation and the position of the reporting claus