This year sees the launch of fountain and calligraphy pens in Year 6. Throughout school, once children have mastered a neat and fluent style of joined writing, they are rewarded with a pen licence. For some children, this can take longer than others, but it is something that we know all  children c


Last week we completed our first full week of phonic group work. Everyone has been busy remembering all of their new routines.  We all have a perfect partner who helps each other to read the book.  There are also lots of different activities to remember! Firstly every day we learn a new sound and


Last week, the children in Year 5 were introduced to their new English class read, ‘Beowulf’. During our book launch, the children went outside to investigate clues that had been left around to try and work out what our new book could be. The children found some old Viking letters buried in sand


All of the children in Year One have made an amazing start to their new class. This week, we introduced our class English reader ‘Tyrannosaurus Drip’. We started by going on a dinosaur hunt. We even sang a song We’re going on a dinosaur hunt We’re going to catch a big one What a beautiful da


This week, Year Two followed instructions to make a mask as part of their book launch. They had to try to work out which character their mask might be and use this to try to predict what their book was for this half term. First, the children had to cover a paper plate with brown paper. Next, they co


In English this week, the children in Year 3 were set a challenge.  Miss McCall and Mrs Chapman asked them to use some clues to help them guess a very famous character from a book. Firstly, some children were dressed up in an apron and were given cleaning items such as a brush, feather duster, rubb


This week, we have launched our new English text – Michael Morpurgo’s ‘Friend or Foe.’ This classic war story is about two children who are evacuated from their home in Islington, London and taken to Devon to be kept safe. Once there, they have adventures and are faced with a tricky dilemma once a p


To launch our new English text in Year 4, the children went on a treasure hunt around the school grounds to find clues. They followed a map showing the location of the clues that were hidden around the edge of the school field. The first clue was a huge black egg in a burnt-out nest, which the child


In English, Year Two have been reading The Snail and the Whale written by Julia Donaldson. For their book launch, the children went on a hunt around the school grounds and followed clues which led them closer to their new book. Each clue was written as a rhyme and revealed the location of the next o