In Reception we have started our new unit of learning – Games. We will be focusing on ball skills for the next few weeks. The children have been learning about moving the balls around the hall using different body parts. They used their hands, elbows, and fingers before completing different kinds of


This week Reception have been celebrating the new calendar year.  At welcome time, we changed our calendar to January 2022 and reminded ourselves of the months in a year.  We watched a video clip of the New Year’s Eve firework display in London and watched Big Ben chime 12 0’Clock.  The children


We had a themed week of the ‘Gingerbread Man’ this week! The children enjoyed listening to different variations of the story and retelling it using props and masks around the classroom. They worked hard to use key words from the story throughout their acting. On Wednesday Reception filled the sc


We have had a fantastic festive week in Reception! We kicked off our festivities with our school Christmas lunch on Tuesday. We tried all the different parts of the dinner even if we weren’t sure we would like it. The children thought it was delicious! They loved pulling crackers with their friends