Year 2


The children who have been at school due to a parent being a key worker have been busy this week. Many of you will have seen the beautiful rainbow on the staff room window, but this was just the beginning. Each morning they have started the day with Joe Wicks’ energetic workout. They have then done


This week has felt a little bit different for us all, but in Year 2 we have been so impressed with all the home learning pictures that have been emailed in to us. We have been excited to see you baking, exercising, colouring, gardening and so much more! Many of you have been logging on to Lexia and


Our Forest School would like to share some ideas that might help to inspire you in these difficult times. We know it is vital, to help control the spread of this virus, that as many children as possible should stay at home, this must be the priority.  However that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy