Year 2


This term in Art, Year Two have studied the artwork of Vincent van Gogh. Although he is most famous for his paintings, van Gogh believed that drawing, using simple mark making techniques, was “the root of everything”. The boys and girls therefore studied his sketches and used different materials


This week, in English, Year Two have started to read their new text – One Day on Our Blue Planet: In the Ocean.  For their book launch, the children were told that they were going to create a piece of artwork linked to their new text. However, at this point, the children didn’t know what their new


Today, Year Two have been rocking out for the day to celebrate the launch of Times Tables Rock Stars. This is an app that helps children to learn their times tables in an engaging way. The children all came into school dressed as rock stars for the occasion and we were very impressed with their fant


In Geography, Year Two have been learning all about the world’s continents, oceans and climate zones. They have used atlases to identify where these are in the world as well as countries close to the equator and the North and South Poles. To begin, the children learned that there are seven continent


This term, in Computing, Year two have been learning all about algorithms. They have worked with beebots to create, predict and test different algorithms. Did you know that an algorithm is a specific set of instructions that can be followed by a computer to achieve a task? First, the children learnt