Year 2


In PE, Year Two have been learning a dance routine to Thriller by Michael Jackson. First, the children learned that a piece of music is counted in beats of eight. To find the beat, the children clapped in time to the song. Then, it was time to get into character. The boys and girls thoroughly enjo


In History, Year Two have been learning all about The Great Fire of Gateshead. After their visit to St Mary’s Heritage Centre, the children had lots of knowledge about how and where the fire started. First, the children sequenced the events that took place on 6th October 1854. Did you know, the firs


This week, we were very lucky to have some parents in school for our Maths workshop. The workshop focused on activities the children can complete at home to help develop their mathematical knowledge. These included times table bingo, number bond pairs and finding doubles using playing cards. The chi


If you are a very small bear and you want to look a long way the best thing to do is get up high in the air. The children were challenged to create a structure so that the bear could see into the distance. They could use branches and sticks they’d found in the woods. The highest tower would be the w