Year 2


With lighter nights, I’m finding even more time to read at the minute and am loving the range of new books that are available in bookshops at the moment. For anybody who hasn’t ever been, Seven Stories in Newcastle is now free entry and it is a magical world of books and stories that can provide hou


In Maths, Year Two have been learning how to tell the time. First, they learned about o’clock and half past. They were able to explain that when the minute hand points to twelve, it is o’clock, and when it points to six, it is half past, because it has moved half way around the clock. Next, it was t


In History, Year Two have been learning about famous explorers. First, they learned about the adventures of Ibn Battuta. Even though he was born a very long time ago, he travelled to many places including China and Africa. The boys and girls found out that his adventures weren’t without their challe


In English, Year Two have started to read their new book, The Snail and the Whale. Before they could start learning about their book, the children had to follow clues to find it. The clues were hidden all around the classroom – on the sink, next to the globe and behind a door. The boys and girls lis