Flying High

In English, Year Two have been learning all about Amelia Earhart. The children used the front cover of the story to predict why they thought Amelia was so important. Using the illustrations, they identified that she was a famous pilot.

As part of their book launch, the boys and girls made their own aeroplanes using wooden pegs and lollipop sticks. The children coloured in each piece before attaching it together, and even added a propeller to the front of their plane. Then, they decided where in the world they would fly to if they had the opportunity. Some of the children would choose a long haul flight to Brazil or America, whereas others would stay closer to home and venture to London or Scotland. They wrote this on a banner and attached it to the back of their aeroplane.

Throughout the week, the children have learned all about Amelia’s achievements. Did you know she was the first woman to fly up to 14,000 feet? She also flew over the Atlantic Ocean (twice!). The children compared the journeys she made across the Atlantic and decided the second would’ve been her proudest achievement, because she flew alone.

Lots of people were inspired by Amelia’s achievements. The children talked about people who inspire them, from famous footballers to family members. Year Two learned that Amelia founded a club to encourage more women to learn how to fly. The boys and girls created posters to persuade aspiring pilots to join Amelia’s club.

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