Outdoor Learning


With Autumn now under way and Bonfire Night looming it is a good time to talk to the children about fire safety. We do this in class, where the children can share their experiences and learn which safety measures need to be in place before you even think about lighting a fire. We discuss risk, the f


For their construction this week Year 6 children were encouraged to see if they could incorporate a moving part. They were asked to think about using the topography of the land and repurposing objects in an imaginative way. Despite lots of chat in class about the various kinds of motions possible, w


Reception have continued their topic ‘Explorers Outdoors’ by looking at minibeasts. We began by reading ‘Mad about Minibeasts’ by Giles Andreae and tried to guess which minibeast was being described. They then looked at artwork ‘The Snail, by Henri Matisse and had a go at creating their own collage