Outdoor Learning


This week saw a change of pace at Angel Court. Hannah Shaw, a printmaker, came to run a creative session inspired by the wood carvings of Thomas Bewick. First the children looked at some of his books, using magnifiers to hone in on the details. They discussed how much texture and movement he managed


Pebbles Pebbles Pebbles The children in the Nursery enjoyed collecting pebbles for their homework. When we came back to Nursery we explored the pebbles and discussed where we collected them from and used our senses to describe them. We then read the story ‘Peters Pebbles’, which is a story about a l


Holidays Holidays Holidays The children in Nursery have enjoyed talking about different kinds of holidays, where they could go, where they would like to go, where they would stay and how they would get there! The nursery has enjoyed pretending to be on planes and trains and writing tickets to each o


The children have (tiredly) enjoyed their final activities this moving before we head back to school. It has been lovely to talk to the instructors today, who have commented. Upon what a polite, enthusiastic and friendly group of children they are. We are so proud of them and have had a lovely time


In Reception this week, we read ‘Lucy and Tom at the Seaside’, by Shirley Hughes.  The children enjoyed sharing their own experiences of seasides on Tapestry, especially since lots of children went to the seaside over half term.  One of our creative tasks this week was to create a seaside scen


A busy week in our Forest School. Reception built dinosaur nests and as you can see they are are moving and handling the wild resources with confidence and maturity. Some other children worked with clay or collected special items for our Forest Museum board. Meanwhile the strawberries were weeded an