Year 5


Across this term, Year 5 have been investigating programming in Scratch. Previously, the children set conditions using ‘IF, THEN, ELSE’ functions and used different true or false outcomes such as changing the colour of a sprite, changing the background and changing the size of different characters.


The biggest win of the day was against the weather, with Harlow Green coming out as champions!  After the problems of the previous day, we were basked in warm sunshine which allowed the children, from across KS1 and KS2, the opportunity to take part in a wider variety of sports events.  Thanks to


This week, the children in Year 5 had the opportunity to make some (not so tasty) alien soup as an end to our Science unit. Prior to the lesson, the children had learnt about dissolving substances and evaporation. This week, the children were introduced to the concept of separating mixed materials.