In Reception we have started our new unit of learning – Games. We will be focusing on ball skills for the next few weeks. The children have been learning about moving the balls around the hall using different body parts. They used their hands, elbows, and fingers before completing different kinds of


This year we introduced a new sport to our upper school years – Boccia.  A great sport for children of all abilities – sitting and standing – and is great to build team work and support.  The children have loved it – working on accuracy in strength of the bowling and direction as well as understan


This week Reception have been celebrating the new calendar year.  At welcome time, we changed our calendar to January 2022 and reminded ourselves of the months in a year.  We watched a video clip of the New Year’s Eve firework display in London and watched Big Ben chime 12 0’Clock.  The children


Harlow Green qualify for the Tyne and Wear Finals! What an afternoon for our Year 5 and 6 Indoor Athletics Team at the Gateshead School Sports Partnership Indoor Athletics Finals. All athletes did exceptionally well and gave a 100% on every single event, in addition to attending extra training sessi


This term, Year Six have been studying World War Two. As part of this, in PE lessons, the children have been learning different types of dances that came about during wartime. They have enjoyed practising the Jive to the song Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley – a song that they have also been lear


Reception have started their gymnastics PE sessions for this half term. The boys and girls are learning how to travel around the room in a safe way like a gymnast would in the Olympics. They started their learning by looking at different videos of British Olympic gymnasts to get an idea of what gymn