Thank you once again for attending the Summer Fayre on Thursday 23rd June. We hope you all thoroughly enjoyed your afternoon. Harlow Green PTA are already planning their next school event so watch this space. Congratulations to the below raffle ticket winners, please come to the school office to cla


This week saw a change of pace at Angel Court. Hannah Shaw, a printmaker, came to run a creative session inspired by the wood carvings of Thomas Bewick. First the children looked at some of his books, using magnifiers to hone in on the details. They discussed how much texture and movement he managed


This week, KS came to visit the children in Year 3 with Mrs Cunningham. All of the children really enjoy speaking to KS and Mrs Cunningham. The boys and girls reviewed the rules for children from Kidsafe to keep their bodies safe. They know that they are the boss of their bodies and that no one is a


A busy week in our Forest School. Reception built dinosaur nests and as you can see they are are moving and handling the wild resources with confidence and maturity. Some other children worked with clay or collected special items for our Forest Museum board. Meanwhile the strawberries were weeded an