All of the teachers have been impressed with the fact recall in Year One. Following on from learning about one more last week, this week we have focused our learning on one less. The week started with some counting backwards. We are learning to count backwards starting from any number under 10. Why


For their construction this week Year 6 children were encouraged to see if they could incorporate a moving part. They were asked to think about using the topography of the land and repurposing objects in an imaginative way. Despite lots of chat in class about the various kinds of motions possible, w


Over the past three weeks, the children have enjoyed learning about the place value of 3-digit numbers. They began their learning by representing and partitioning 2-digit numbers before moving on to numbers up to 1,000. The children were then able to partition 3-digit numbers using calculations. The


In Maths, Year Six have completed a unit of work on place value and are now working on calculations. During the Place Value unit of work, the children have developed a clear understanding of what each digit in a number represents within ones, tens hundreds, thousands up to ten million. They are also


In Year 4 we explored numbers up to 9,999 today, using the flip frames and the place value counters to read, write and create numbers in a variety of ways. We also explored the importance of including the zero in columns that have no value, such as 4,032, because if we missed it out, it became 432.�


In Maths, Year Two have been learning how to partition two-digit numbers. They learned that to partition a number means to split it up into smaller parts. To begin, the children used the base ten equipment to partition numbers into tens and ones using a part-whole model. They had to think carefully


This week Year One have had fun discovering how to measure time and how to tell the time.  Initially we practised using the terms before and after and discussed activities that we do before school such as having our breakfast and activities we do after school such as reading a bed time story.  Aft


This week the children have been learning about days and months of the year, as well as hours and minutes in a day. They first demonstrated their ability to order the months of the year correctly before moving on to finding out how many days are in each month, using the knuckle trick. By the end of