Year 6 have been working on time this week. Being able to tell the time is a vital life-skill and the children have been thinking about analogue and digital time, the 24-hour clock and timetables. The Year 6 teachers have talked about the importance of being able to use more than just a phone to tel


In our Maths lessons, the pupils have enjoyed learning about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. The children have handled shapes, solved problems, sorted shapes according to their properties, made patterns and identified lines of symmetry.  They also enjoyed building their own shapes and talking a


Year 6 have been learning about the different metric units of measure and how to read the intervals on a range of different scales. During this lesson, they had to use their knowledge of mass, capacity and length to make predictions and then check using appropriate measuring equipment. Article 28 –


This week in Maths, we have been learning about measuring. We have been measuring lots of items in different ways. The children had great fun measuring themselves with long strips of paper.  We enjoyed investigating to find out who was the tallest and who was the shortest. We then ordered the diff


After reading ‘The Magic Train Ride’, a story about a magic train which visits cake land, the children were very excited to make their own cupcakes. They used their mathematical skills to weigh out the ingredients. The children also had to follow instructions in the recipe to bake the cupcakes. They


In maths this week year 5 have begun their block of work on fractions. Firstly, the children found equivalent fractions. To support their understanding of how to convert improper fractions to a mixed number, the children made models out of multi-link cubes and drew diagrams to represent them. At the


Year 6 have been practising their fraction and decimal equivalents. The children had the opportunity to convert fractions and decimals while playing a ‘loop cards game.’ They had to use known equivalences and calculate less common ones in order to complete the game. The children responded well to th


In maths, the children in year 5 are learning to multiply numbers by a two digit number. They began by representing calculations with concrete apparatus. Following these activities, the children are now working on the formal method of long multiplication. Initially the children found this difficult


In maths, the boys and girls have been learning how to use arrays to multiply. Today, they were challenged with finding related facts and then completing the fact families. They really enjoyed using the place value counters to support their learning. UNICEF Article 6: We all have the right to live a