Over the last two weeks, the children have been busy learning about 2D and 3D shapes.  We started by learning the name of some 3D shapes and everyone had fun building models with them.  The teachers were impressed with the children’s creativity and the models included flowers, towers, trains and p


All of Year 3 have been enjoying their work on multiplication and division.  Last week we launched the Times Tables Rock Stars programme.  The children had a try at using this in school and many boys and girls have been working on this at home too in their quest to become a ‘Times Tables Rocksta


This week, Year Two have been learning about 2D shapes. The children learned that 2D means two-dimensional so these shapes are flat. When labelling the shapes, the children found out that some shapes can have more than one name. For example, squares and rectangles can also be called quadrilaterals b


This week in Maths, Year Six started a new unit on Fractions. On Monday and Tuesday, the children realised that they needed to use their knowledge of multiples and factors in order to find equivalent fractions and simplify fractions. They enjoyed playing equivalent fraction Bingo and were very compe


The children in Year 3 have been working hard with written and mental methods of addition and subtraction.  They have been using place value counters and dienes equipment to add and subtract with two and three digit numbers.    They have also used numberlines to count forward and count back.  Th


This week, the children in Year Six have been learning how to use the long division method in Maths in order to divide by larger numbers. First, they practised generating given multiples of numbers using doubling and halving skills. Then, they used a repeated subtraction process to take away multipl


This week, Year Two have been working hard to compare, order and partition two-digit numbers. They used the comparison symbols (< > =) to decide whether a number was greater than, less than or equal to another number. The children learned a trick to help them with this – the crocodile eats the


This week we have been working on our Place Value and understanding the value of each digit in thousands numbers.  Year 4 have impressed us so much, we finished the week completing hundreds and thousands calculations mentally, by looking at what would be the same and what would be different.  This


The Tiny Seed We have had a lovely week in Nursery this week. We have carried on our topic of ‘growing’ ‘changing’ and ‘enchanted gardens’ and looked at how to grow seeds. Our main story has been ‘The Tiny Seed’. The children have enjoyed exploring different kinds of seeds in fruits and vege


This week we have been looking at angles and the properties of shapes.  We have been looking for acute, obtuse and right angles, along with describing shapes by the angles that they have.  Next we will be looking at the sides – discussing parallel, converging, diverging and whether they are equal