Year 3


As part of our PE lessons, this half term Year 3 will be learning about hockey. The children were very excited to get started, and they were fantastic during the lessons! Both classes have learnt to correctly hold a hockey stick and are beginning to show good control when moving with the ball. The c

Reading is of such fundamental importance to the progress of all children in school. In KS2, the children use two reading programs – Reading Plus and Accelerated Reader. the children work independently to read and take quizzes on books and extracts. Every fortnight, we look to see which classes have


During our science lessons in Year 3 this term, the children will be learning all about light. The children generated lots of interesting questions they would like to find the answers to during our work, such as ‘Are there light sources in space?’ This week, the children have investigated light sour


The children in Year 3 enjoyed finding clues around the school grounds.  We discussed each of the six clues and thought about the books that might link to each one.  The children’s ideas were impressive and we enjoyed talking about characters that wear a tiara and wave a wand as well as books that