Year 3


In History, the children have been learning about castles. They began by learning about the features of a castle and located some of the castles around the UK, including Alnwick Castle which they have been lucky enough to visit this week.  The boys and girls were all very keen to see which of the f


Today in maths, the boys and girls in Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed learning about Roman numerals. Many of the children knew that Roman numerals are used on some clock faces and they also pointed out that they are used in the names of monarchs including King Charles III and Henry VIII.  In the lesson,


Over this half term, the children have been using the program Scratch to develop their coding skills.  They began by learning about the main components – sprites, backdrops and programming blocks before having a go at creating code to make their sprite move. Once they had mastered this, they then a


During our RE work this term, the boys and girls in Year 3 have been learning about Christianity. The children began by learning about John the Baptist and were able to retell his story using visual prompts. As John the Baptist told people to repent their sins, the children wrote about something the


This half term, the boys and girls have been learning the skills needed for a game of basketball. They started by practising how to chest pass and bounce pass and then moved on to the skill of dribbling. They were very enthusiastic and showed great sportsmanship when applying these skills within tea