Year 3


This week, Year 3 have loved learning how to use iMotion to create simple animations. The children started by creating flip books using post-it notes and have then moved onto using technology to bring their animations to life. The boys and girls worked incredibly hard, making tiny changes to each fr


This afternoon, Year 3 explored rocks and used criteria to group them according to their properties. The boys and girls then had fun carrying out investigations to answer questions about their uses. The children then played a quiz to show their understanding of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic r


  This afternoon, children from the Key Stage 2 choir were treated to a singing workshop with Sharon Durant – a renowned singing specialist both locally and internationally – in preparation for a 1940s inspired tea dance at Grace College. The concert will be held on Wednesday 13th November f


In Year 3, the boys and girls have been learning how to use printing ink with a roller. They started by learning how to ink a roller and use this effectively. The children moved on to exploring different textures and discussed the different effects they could make. After that, the children enjoyed d