Year 4


To launch our new English text in Year 4, the children went on a treasure hunt around the school grounds to find clues. They followed a map showing the location of the clues that were hidden around the edge of the school field. The first clue was a huge black egg in a burnt-out nest, which the child


As the final part of our DT this summer, we chopped, sliced and diced up a Greek salad.  We have been looking at modern Greece after spending time studying Ancient Greece in History.  We have compared the Greek climate, geography, buildings, populations and culture with that in the UK and London a


The biggest win of the day was against the weather, with Harlow Green coming out as champions!  After the problems of the previous day, we were basked in warm sunshine which allowed the children, from across KS1 and KS2, the opportunity to take part in a wider variety of sports events.  Thanks to