Nursery have been learning about the season of Spring this week. We started our week reading and the story “that’s my flower” which focused on a squirrel finding a flower in the woods. It was the only flower that had grown so far and he wanted it to be his. It talked us through how flowers beg


In science this term, year 4 are learning all about solids, liquids and gases. They have identified different materials in each of these states, and described the differences in their properties. After learning that all materials are made of particles, the children then took on the roles of particle


Year 4 children really enjoyed last weeks STEM related Forest School session and wanted more. Miss Rowe thought she would increase the challenge by giving them very different objects to assist with the carry. This weeks selection, some pallets, boards and long, straight logs. At first there was a t


The week, Year One wanted to investigate which material would be the strongest material to build a house for The Three Little Pigs. Firstly, everyone made a prediction of which would be the strongest. Some children thought straw, others thought sticks and others thought bricks. Then, the children us