Winter in Nursery  The children in Nursery have enjoyed talking about winter and looking for signs of winter. We have explored ice and had discussions about his is feels/looks and what happens when we add heat. In Nursery, we have looked at ‘hibernation’ and why some animals have to do this. We wen


The children in Nursery have enjoyed learning about hygiene this week, the importance of staying clean, and how to do this. This discussion was supported by the story ‘Whiffy Wilson’. We have particularly been looking at oral hygiene this week, which the children have enjoyed acting out role-play in


Over this term Year 4 have been working on their boat building skills, linked to their topic of Vikings. Knot work has been the foundation for these sessions. This requires co-operation and a lot of patience. First they were taught the timber hitch to use as an anchor line. Once this was mastered, s


The children in year 5 have thoroughly enjoyed the final week of their science topic on forces. They have been learning about how mechanisms such as levers, gears and pulleys can be used to reduce the amount of force needed to move something. Levers are made up of a rigid beam and a fulcrum which ca