Year One have been investigating different kinds of animals.  Firstly they learnt about what an animal is – ” a living thing.”  Then they discovered that there are different groups of animals.  They had fun sorting toys and pictures into mammals, fish, birds and insects.  The children even discu


During our science lessons in Year 3 this term, the children will be learning all about light. The children generated lots of interesting questions they would like to find the answers to during our work, such as ‘Are there light sources in space?’ This week, the children have investigated light sour


Year 5 have had a great start to the new school year! They have settled back into the school routines really well, and have enjoyed being back with their friends again. We have begun work on our topic this term with the study of forces in science. The children showed off  their already excellent kn


In Science, year 4 have been learning about food chains as part of their topic on living things. In order to know what is eaten by what within a habitat, the children firstly had to revisit what they knew about the organisms that share the same habitats. They matched pictures of plants and animals w


The Tiny Seed We have had a lovely week in Nursery this week. We have carried on our topic of ‘growing’ ‘changing’ and ‘enchanted gardens’ and looked at how to grow seeds. Our main story has been ‘The Tiny Seed’. The children have enjoyed exploring different kinds of seeds in fruits and vege