Art & Design


If you are a very small bear and you want to look a long way the best thing to do is get up high in the air. The children were challenged to create a structure so that the bear could see into the distance. They could use branches and sticks they’d found in the woods. The highest tower would be the w


Over the past two weeks, Year Six have been studying different sketching techniques in Art lessons. The children looked at how to represent texture, light and shadow, perspective, reflection and movement. First, they practised their skills by sketching a realistic apple and a scene where mountains a


In Art, Year Two have been learning all about Henri Matisse. They learned that Henri Matisse was a famous artist, who was born in France. When he first became an artist, he liked to paint but, after he had had an operation, he started to create collages. He called this ‘painting with scissors’. The