Art & Design


In Year 2, the children have been studying collage.  They have enjoyed looking at some of his different work as well as finding out some facts about him and his background. These pictures show a lesson where the pupils studied one of his famous pieces called ‘The Snail’.  They made their own repre


This week was the final Art Club of the term.  The children enjoyed making fantastic Christmas tree themed cards.  They also used the pieces of fabric that they dyed last week to make a Christmas bag and chose some chocolates to go inside.  These were taken home to hide and will hopefully surpris


The children in Mrs Carr’s class have been busy at Art Club. They made an impressive and vey realistic self portrait using collage materials. They also created a large piece of Art work to depict Autumn. They painted a tree, made leaf rubbings with wax crayons and added their own leaves.  Well done


This week has been STEM week in school and, as part of the week, some of the Year 6 children were lucky enough to go on a visit to the Nissan factory. Possibilities is a key driver of the school’s curriculum and this visit allowed the children to understand and see a future career path as an enginee