Art & Design


Our art in Year 6 this term, has involved us sculpting 3D models. We made links to other areas of the curriculum and made clay sculptures of people in Pompeii after the eruption at Vesuvius and art straw models of Olympic sports. The unit started by looking at the work of some famous artists – Henry


During Art, the boys and girls in Year 3 have looked at the work of the artist Julia Lidell. She is a textile artist who produces woven designs. They began by commenting on which pieces they liked the best and identified how her work made them feel before sketching one of her designs. In order to re


The children in class 1B have enjoyed coming to Art Club on  Tuesdays after school.  The pupils enjoyed creating seaside pictures using pastels and crayons and then using collage materials to make their own beach huts.  On one of the sessions, we took advantage of the warm, sunny weather and did


We have had an exciting arrival in Reception this week. Caterpillars have joined our class and they have already started to make their cocoons and we cannot wait to see them transform into butterflies. During the week, the children enjoyed reading ‘The hungry caterpillar’ and discussing the diff


This week Year One have started a new block of work in art.  The children have been observing shells to find different patterns, lines and shapes.  Firstly they looked at  pictures of shells and then carefully tore round them to stick them in their books.  Secondly, using a pencil, everyone drew


Today, the children put their creative skills to the test by creating unique designs inspired by Ancient Baghdad. Last half-term, the children enjoyed putting their talents to practice by designing and creating a tile inspired by Ancient Islam. To add to their existing knowledge, the children had a


This term in Art, Year Two have studied the artwork of Vincent van Gogh. Although he is most famous for his paintings, van Gogh believed that drawing, using simple mark making techniques, was “the root of everything”. The boys and girls therefore studied his sketches and used different materials


This term in Art, we have been looking at, making and decorating clay coil pots.  This linked nicely to our history topic too – all about the Ancient Greeks. The Ancient Greeks made coil pots to hold drinks, food and perfume and then decorated them with intricate images and designs.  In Art, we lo