Our Wonderful World

In Geography, Year Two have been learning all about the world’s continents and oceans. The children learned that a continent is a large, solid area of land and there are seven continents in total. They thoroughly enjoyed learning some interesting facts about each continent, including the number of countries it has and the animals that live there. Did you know, Asia is the largest continent but Antarctica is the coldest and windiest? Then, the boys and girls located and labelled each continent on a map of the world.

Next, the children learned about the five oceans. From their learning in English, Year Two could already name the Atlantic Ocean as Amelia Earhart flew across it (twice!). The boys and girls were fascinated to learn that the world’s oceans cover most of the Earth and are home to 700,000 different species. The children were intrigued to learn about some of the wonderful things you can find beneath the water, including The Great Barrier Reef and the longest underwater mountain range – The Mid-Atlantic Ridge. They then identified the location of each ocean on a map.

After that, Year Two learned about the world’s climate. They identified the equator on the globe and discovered that the countries closest to it had a hot climate. Similarly, the countries nearest to the North and South Poles have a cold climate. The children recognised that the UK has a warm climate because it isn’t close to the equator or the poles. Instead, it has a mix of hot and cold weather. The boys and girls coloured sections of a world map to show the change in climate as you move further towards / away from the equator.

Finally, the children imagined they were going on holiday to Scotland, Uganda and the South Pole. However, they had to think carefully about what to pack as the climate is very different. For Uganda, the boys and girls chose sun cream, hats, sunglasses and shorts. For the South Pole, they packed snow boots, gloves, a warm coat and fluffy socks. For Scotland, they decided upon trousers, a coat, some t-shirts and an all important umbrella.

Article 28 – We all have the right to a good quality education.

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