Curriculum Topic Plans

In 2018/2019, new curriculum planning took place which looked to do the following:

  • Be led by the curriculum drivers developed from the school community
  • Create a longer termly topic which could be explored in more detail
  • Provide quality time for all curriculum subjects in order that there is time to explore and develop knowledge and skills further and to a greater depth

The topic plans for each term are available below (as they are developed):


Nursery Topic Web_Autumn Term_Little Bear and Me

Reception Topic Web_Autumn Term_Marvellous Me

Year 1 Autumn Topic_How to Find a Dinosaur

Year 2 Autumn Topic_Emergency

Year 3 Autumn Topic_Water of Life

Year 4 Autumn Topic_Theres No Place Like Home

Year 5 Autumn Topic_River of Life

Year 6 Autumn Topic_Peacekeepers


Nursery Topic Web_Spring Term_Amazing Animals

Reception Topic Web_Spring Term_Journeys

Year 1 Spring Topic_Houses and Homes

Year 2 Spring Topic_Healthy Life. Happy Life

Year 3 Spring Topic_Stronger Together

Year 4 Spring Topic_Climbing High

Year 5 Spring Topic_Life in the Rainforest

Year 6 Spring Topic_How Precious Life Is


To be updated