The children in Reception have enjoyed exploring our technology area this week. The children loved using the walkie talkies to talk to their friends. They could talk to each other in lots of different locations. They have also enjoyed exploring the metal detectors and finding out which materials are


In computing, Year One have been learning all about algorithms. They found out that an algorithm is a set of instructions used to solve a problem. The children had to find a box of treasure by firstly writing a set of instructions using the words forwards, backwards, turn, left and right. Then they


During computing,  Year 3 have been learning how to use spreadsheets. The children began by collecting their own data about their favourite fruit and created a table using a spreadsheet program.  The boys and girls generated pie charts and bar graphs using the data and were able to answer question


This week, Year 3 have loved learning how to use iMotion to create simple animations. The children started by creating flip books using post-it notes and have then moved onto using technology to bring their animations to life. The boys and girls worked incredibly hard, making tiny changes to each fr