Since Easter, Year 4 have been learning about programming in Computing using FMS Logo and directing a ‘screen turtle’ to draw shapes and patterns.  We started by simply directing the turtle around the screen, drawing lines and simple squares.  We progressed onto letters, more complex shapes and th


In Computing, Year Two have been learning about algorithms. They learned that an algorithm is a set of instructions a computer follows. To begin, they had to work with a partner to draw a picture following a set of instructions. This might sound easy, but the children had to face away from their par


In Computing, Year 1 have started their new topic all about programming Bee-Bots. The children began by investigating what the different buttons could do. They were able to identify and use the forwards, backwards, right turn and left turn buttons. It was very tricky to remember that we needed to pr


As part of our end of term activities, all children from Year 1 to Year 6 take part in a class quiz focussed around their foundation subjects (History, Art, Geography, Science, PE etc) whether it is individually on the iPads or as a class, using the interactive quiz tool – Mentimeter.  The teachers


In Computing, Year Two have been learning all about pictograms. To begin, they learned how to use a tally to record a total number of objects. Together, we made a class tally chart to find out what Year Two’s favourite fruit is – strawberries! Next, the children found out that a tally chart can


Today, we celebrated Safer Internet Day 2022 across school. The children engaged in a range of activities to celebrate all the great things we can do online, with a focus on how we can keep safe. This year for Safer Internet Day, we focused on two main areas. The children learnt how they can have fu


During our computing topic this term, the boys and girls in Year 3 have been learning about animation. At the start of this unit of work, the children created flip books. They were amazed at the moving pictures they created. In order to create our animations, the children have accessed and learnt to


This half term, Year 6 are learning about spreadsheets in computing. Firstly, the children were introduced to data, the different types and how it can be organised within a spreadsheet. Following this, the children looked at a spreadsheet showing sales of electronic items. From this spreadsheet, que


Year One have been so excited to use the laptops this term. It all started with the children learning the different parts of a computer – screen, keyboard, trackpad and mouse. Then the children were given individual log ins and, even though it was tricky, everyone was able to successfully log in. Ne