Physical Education


Today, five teams of year 5 children attended a basketball tournament organised by Newcastle Eagles. Each team played five matches and many baskets were scored. Team two made it through to the knock out stage. Despite their excellent effort and attitude, they did not win. The children competed fanta


This half term, the boys and girls in Year 3 have been developing their basketball skills and learning about what makes a great basketball player. They have played a range of games allowing them to progress from learning how to control the ball to passing and dribbling with accuracy. To finish, Year


This half term, Year 6 have been learning the skills of hockey and using them in small-sided games. They have mastered how to hit, stop and dribble the ball – although there have been lots of bruised shins along the way! It has been pleasing to see them creating their own drill to practise the skill


For the last two weeks, Year 5 children have enjoyed having a basketball coach from Newcastle Eagles for their PE lessons. A range of skills were practised and developed including, dribbling, defending and shooting. The children also took part in small-sided games where they showed good sportsmanshi