Physical Education


As part of our PE lessons, this half term Year 5 will be learning more about Tag Rugby. The children were very excited to get started, and they were fantastic during the lessons! Both classes played various games where they had to use all of the skills they will require for Tag Rugby games, includin


This week, Year Six have taken part in lots of physical activity. They have learned drills in Tag Rugby lessons; 6B went for their first swimming lesson; and 6A enjoyed some fun in the sun with team games and races. Health is one of the key aspects of the school curriculum and is one of the main dri


This morning, the children completed the Race for Life by running 13 laps of the school field. Well done  to all of them – and to the other children in school who completed this race last week. Understanding why this race is done each year, has been something that the class have discussed with matu


Throughout Sports Week, Year Five (Mrs Jennings’s class) have taken part in lots of interesting activities based around sport and a country that is taking part in the Olympic Games. Year Five’s country was Tanzania and the children have learnt lots about what it would be like to go there. Many of