Physical Education


For their construction this week Year 6 children were encouraged to see if they could incorporate a moving part. They were asked to think about using the topography of the land and repurposing objects in an imaginative way. Despite lots of chat in class about the various kinds of motions possible, w


With the Rugby World Cup currently being played in France, it is the perfect time for Year 6 to be learning tag-rugby in their P.E. sessions. One of the school’s drivers is about health and weekly P.E. lessons are an essential component of the message we give the children about keeping healthy by ex


  The younger children in school have been learning about Spikes and Stings and Sticky things this term. This encompasses slightly more risky plants; stinging nettles, brambles, thistles etc. Insects that may cause harm if provoked; bees, wasps, the occasional earwig, and Stick Safety; how we move