Year 2


In Geography, Year Two have been learning all about map symbols. They discussed what a map is and what it is used for. Did you know map symbols make reading a map easier? The boys and girls learned that maps are too small to include lots of writing, so symbols are used instead. They went on a hunt a


In Maths, Year Two have been learning how to partition numbers. They learned that partition means to split a number into different parts. First, they used a part part whole model to partition numbers into tens and ones. The children used base ten to represent each number. Then, they wrote the number


This week, Year Two were set the task of making a mask similar to a character in their new book. First, they had to cover their paper plate with brown tissue paper. Next, they added eyes, teeth, a nose and horns to their mask. The children had lots of guesses as to who the character could be. Some s