Year 5


This week, the children had the fantastic opportunity to have PE and healthy lifestyle sessions delivered by players of the Newcastle Eagles. The children were taught all about the importance for water, a balanced diet and who are the ‘superstars’ in the life. The main highlight for the children was


This morning, Year Five tackled some tricky tangrams in their Maths lesson. Tangrams are mathematical puzzles that use basic shapes to create larger, or more intricate shapes and objects. The puzzle consists of a square divided into seven pieces called Tans. Each of the pieces had a different shape.


This unit, in Design and Technology, we have been looking at different food groups, produce from Brazil and made the final product alfajores. We started the unit by getting the children to look at their own diet across the span of two days and investigate which food groups they could identify in the


Today we held our annual Harlow Green Easter egg competition.  It was clear to see that we have some highly creative children by the level of detail that was put into our competition entries. The eggs were displayed around school so that each class could take a tour and have a look at them.  Ou