Year 5


This week, in Maths, we have started our second unit of Fractions. The children started the week by learning how to multiply a unit fraction by an integer before moving onto multiplying a non unit fraction by an integer. We finished the week by furthering our knowledge to multiplying a mixed number


For the past two weeks, Class 5A have been participating in some rather interesting PE lessons! After finding out that they would be taking part in fencing lessons, the children were very excited. Lesson 1 focused on the basics of fencing, including learning about the salute, the ‘on guard’ position


This week, in Geography, we started our new unit of ‘Human and physical geography within a region of South America and the UK’. The children started the topic by locating South America on a world map. Once we had located South America, we took a closer look at the countries within it, focusing on Ar


The new year has started brilliantly for Harlow Green’s reading stars in KS2. All of the children have taken a Star Reader test in Accelerated Reader to get a new reading range and they have all been able to select from the new books in the scheme. The children have also continued to use Reading Plu


This week, the children have been investigating the life cycles of mammals (humans), birds and amphibians (frogs). We have looked at what happens at the different stages of each life cycle and compared the life cycles of different types of animals. The children found the life cycles of frogs especia