Year 5


This week in PSHE, we have been learning about why it is important to have equal right. The children looked at the work that UNICEF do around the would to support children from a range of different backgrounds. Afterwards, the children worked in groups to create a children’s rights charter, where th


This week in Year 5, we moved onto our next topic, and for the next two weeks we are going to be learning all about rivers. To start off our new topic, the children used atlases to identify and locate the most famous rivers in the word. They were given a blank map with rivers from each continent. In


Over the last two weeks, we have been learning about forces in Science. We identified key forces that we encounter during our every day life, such as: friction, air resistance, water resistance, applied force and gravity. After looking at examples of each force, this week we completed an investigati


Last week, the children in Year 5 were introduced to their new English class read, ‘Beowulf’. During our book launch, the children went outside to investigate clues that had been left around to try and work out what our new book could be. The children found some old Viking letters buried in sand