Year 5


This week in maths, the children completed their unit on Position and Direction. The children have spent the week looking at lines of symmetry and how to reflect shapes across a mirror line. We explore the different lines of symmetry – vertical, horizontal and diagonal – and used the mirrors to help


On Tuesday, both classes from Year 5 visited the Life Science Centre in Newcastle. Our jam-packed day started with a visit to the planetarium, where the children got to see a visual of the different planets in our solar system. As well as exploring the constellations, the children also discovered ho


This week, Year 5 have began to look at Islamic art during their art lessons. We have looked at examples of Islamic art to identify the three main components: floral motifs, geometric patterns and calligraphy. Then, the children were given different examples of Islamic art to choose from and were as


This week, children in Year 5 have completed their ICT topic on videos. Last half term, the children investigated different camera techniques and positions. Then, at the end of half term, the children work in partners to create their own videos, putting these techniques into action. Today, the child