Terrific Tie-Dye

In Art, Year Two have been learning all about tie-dye. Did you know tie-dye has been around for a very long time, but it looks different around the world? First, the children learned about an artist called Yoshiko Wada. She uses a dying technique which is very similar to tie-dye. It is called Shibori. To create a pattern on the fabric, Yoshiko Wada uses thread. The children said whether they liked her artwork and described how it made them feel. Lots of the boys and girls said it made them feel happy and calm.

Next, Year Two learned about three different tie-dye techniques – stripes, polka dot and spiral. Although Yoshiko Wada used thread to create the pattern on her artwork, the children used elastic bands for theirs. The boys and girls chose which technique they wanted to practise. Then, they tied their elastic bands in the correct places to create their chosen pattern. The children then dyed their fabric using a colour of their choice. The fabric took a few days to dry but, when it was ready, the children loved untying their bands to reveal their tie-dyed fabric.

For their final piece of artwork, the children tie-dyed a pair of socks. Some of the boys and girls chose to repeat the technique they had already chosen whereas others attempted something new. Again, the children had to tie their elastic band in the correct place and then, dye their socks in their chosen colour. Once they had dried, it was time to reveal their tie-dye creation. The boys and girls were thrilled with their colourful socks and couldn’t wait to wear them.

Finally, the children evaluated how successful their tie-dye had been. They said what they liked about their socks and what they would improve, if anything. They also explained what they enjoyed the most about learning how to tie-dye and what they found tricky.

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