Year 3


In our Design  and Technology work this term, the boys and girls in Year 3 have been designing and creating a medieval catapult. Our work began with research into attacks on castles and methods that would have been employed such as mining or undertaking a siege. As part of our research, the childre


What an amazing afternoon we had on Wednesday at our sport’s day!  Thank you to everyone who attended. The boys and girls were very enthusiastic and showed excellent sportsmanship cheering on their fellow team mates.  Everyone made a valuable contribution to their team and a number of children wer


Our termly topic ‘A Sense of Place’  has influenced our art work in Year 3 this term. The children have designed and created a flag for their own castles. Their work began by sketching elements of a castle which were then adapted into symbols. Using these symbols, the children created collagraph bl