Year 1


This week in Maths, the children in Year 1 have been learning about 3D shapes. We started by learning the name of some 3D shapes – sphere, cube, cuboid, cylinder, pyramid and cone.  We discussed what shape their faces were and we even learnt that a sphere and a cylinder can roll.  Next everyone ha


This week Year One have enjoyed learning about different kinds of weather. The children began by watching  videos of sun, snow, wind, rain, fog and clouds, and imagining how they would feel if they were to experience each kind of weather. The children then came up with different actions to help the


Years 1 and 2 are growing in confidence with every Forest School session that they enjoy, being mentored by our Year 6 Outdoor Workers really extends their learning too. This week they have been getting used to handling the new hens. We have 8 new ones, 3 Silkies, that are a small breed, 3 large fow


This week was the first time Year One had a Geography lesson. We began by talking about where we live. Some children said that they lived in Gateshead whilst others were able to say their address. The children learnt that we all live in a country called England. We found it on a globe and realised t


This week Year One have been introduced to a new subject – design and technology.  First we investigated how toys could move .  We discovered that some toys need to be wound up – like our toy caterpillars.  The children also learnt that some toys with wheels needed to be pulled backwards firs