Year 1


Year One have been learning all about dinosaurs! We compared dinosaur herbivores and carnivores using a venn diagram. The children learnt that herbivores ate plants and carnivores ate meat, but both hatched from eggs. We even had some special visitors to help us – Tyrannosaurs and Duckbill!


The boys and girls in Years 1 and 2 had a blast at their Christmas party. They played lots of games in the hall including: musical statues, pass the parcel, corners and a dancing competition. Lots of children won prizes and we even had a very special visit from Santa! Thank you to all the parents fo


In science this term, year 1 enjoyed exploring how different materials look and feel.


This week, Year One have been learning how to subtract by counting back. The children played a game with a partner. They had to roll a dice and count back the number of spaces from 20. The first person to 1 was the winner.    


In their maths lessons, Year 1 have been learning how to add numbers by counting on and have played a game to help them practice. The boys and girls started by rolling two dice to find 2 numbers to add together. The children then used a number line to find their answer. Year 1 had lots of fun!


In their Design and Technology lesson, Year 1  have been making wind vanes. The children had to label it with the four points of the compass. The boys and girls are very excited to test them out!


Year 1 have celebrated starting their new topic on Weather and Space by having a topic day! The boys and girls have been drawing pictures of all the different types of weather they could think of, from rainbows to thunder and lightning. Then, the children went outside to observe the clouds and learn