Year 1


Year One have been investigating different kinds of animals this term and how they can be classified in different ways. We firstly classified animals according to whether it is a mammal, fish, bird or insect. Next, we introduced the terms omnivore, herbivore and carnivore. As part of an experiment t


Everyone in Year One enjoyed our history lessons this week. The children are learning about Mary Anning, the first person in England to excavate dinosaur fossils. They firstly listened to the story ‘Dinosaur Lady’. Then they had a go at being a palaeontologist just like Mary Anning. Carefully, they


This week Year One had their very first whole class computing lesson.  They were so excited to use the I-pads independently.  Firstly they learnt about different tools such as the paintbrush and how they could use a thick or a thin brush.  Also the pupils had ago at changing the colour of the pai


All of the children in Year One have made an amazing start to their new class. This week, we introduced our class English reader ‘Tyrannosaurus Drip’. We started by going on a dinosaur hunt. We even sang a song We’re going on a dinosaur hunt We’re going to catch a big one What a beautiful day We’re