Year 1


This week we have been studying design and technology.  It all started by investigating which foods are healthy and which are unhealthy, and sorting foods into a table.  The pupils all decided that fruit was a healthy option and we used this as a basis for our design for fruit kebabs.  Everyone p


Over this half term, some Year One children have been taking part in a STEM club, specifically using Lego. Each week the children have learnt about a different STEM career, with linking attributes and putting their skills into practise. First the children found out about civil engineers and mechanic


It was a pleasure to take Year One to Souter Lighthouse this week.  Our first activity was rock pooling on the beach.  All the children were given buckets and nets and after a long walk down to the water’s edge, everyone was excited to start looking for some sea creatures.  They were extremely


  The younger children in school have been learning about Spikes and Stings and Sticky things this term. This encompasses slightly more risky plants; stinging nettles, brambles, thistles etc. Insects that may cause harm if provoked; bees, wasps, the occasional earwig, and Stick Safety; how we move


In Computing, Year 1 have started their new topic all about programming Bee-Bots. The children began by investigating what the different buttons could do. They were able to identify and use the forwards, backwards, right turn and left turn buttons. It was very tricky to remember that we needed to pr


This term our topic in Year One is “We’re all going on a summer holiday.”  The children have enjoyed talking about their trips to the seaside and how they like building sandcastles on the beach and eating fish and chips.  The pupils have also had the opportunity to learn about seaside holida


Nursery had a very busy morning, in class we looked at plants that may be a bit “risky”. Thistles, nettles, brambles etc. Miss Rowe showed the children which insects only live on these plants and why it’s so important we allow areas for these habitats to thrive. We watched a short film about all the