Year 1


In Year One the children have been learning to ask and reply to questions.  They all had a go at hot seating – asking their friends  and teachers questions and they even tried to start their questions in a variety of ways.  Some children made their own question booklet and had to recognise whethe


Year One have been learning about the weather and the seasons in Science.  The children started by going on an autumn walk, looking for signs of the season and then collecting autumn leaves.  Back in the classroom the children listened to the story of Leaf Man and then used the leaves they had col


In Year One the children have been reading a new book “Stone Girl, Bone Girl.”  It’s all about the life of Mary Anning and her important scientific discovery – the excavation of the first dinosaur bones in the United Kingdom.  The children had to pretend to be Mary Anning and carefully remove foss


In Year One we have been learning all about volcanoes. Each class made their own volcano eruption. They used washing-up liquid, vinegar, baking powder and red food colouring. The results were explosive! The children thought of so many words to describe the sound, colour and action of the volcano. F