Year 1


It was a pleasure to take Year One to South Shields beach this week.  Unfortunately the weather was overcast with some drizzle but that did not spoil our fun on the beach. The children enjoyed the coach journey and it was lovely to hear the squeals of delight as they saw the beach for the first tim


The children in class 1B have enjoyed coming to Art Club on  Tuesdays after school.  The pupils enjoyed creating seaside pictures using pastels and crayons and then using collage materials to make their own beach huts.  On one of the sessions, we took advantage of the warm, sunny weather and did


The start off the day began with a little nervous energy with children excited about what the day would have in store in respect of their new classes and teachers.  However, by the time the end of day bell sounded everyone skipped out of school having had a really positive experience and being a li


This week Year One have started a new block of work in art.  The children have been observing shells to find different patterns, lines and shapes.  Firstly they looked at  pictures of shells and then carefully tore round them to stick them in their books.  Secondly, using a pencil, everyone drew


Computing lessons in Year One are really exciting at the minute. We have started a new learning block – animation using Scratch Jnr. So far, we have learnt that the character is called a sprite, that we create our algorithm in the programming area and we join blocks together to execute the algorithm


Year One were so excited to be introduced to their new text in English. As it is set in the Kalahari Desert in Africa, firstly everyone went on an animal safari.  The children made safari name badges and then we all took our pretend binoculars and clipboard outside to see which animals we could spo