Design Technology


This afternoon, some of our fantastic parents visited Year 2 for a parents’ workshop. The children had already planned and designed their own fire engines, so today the children (and parents) worked hard to make them. The children’s creations featured moving wheels, ladders, hoses and windows. We we


In Design and Technology, the children have been learning about moving mechanisms. They learnt that a mechanism helps an object to move. They used a slider to help propel the rocket across the night sky by moving it up and down. The children had to cut the rockets out and create a starry night time


Year One have started to learn about Design and Technology. They investigated moving toys and books. The children discovered that some toys can be moved with a lever, whilst others can be wound up or pushed. They particularly enjoyed winding up the caterpillars and racing them across the floor. The


This week has been STEM week in school and, as part of the week, some of the Year 6 children were lucky enough to go on a visit to the Nissan factory. Possibilities is a key driver of the school’s curriculum and this visit allowed the children to understand and see a future career path as an enginee


In DT this week, year 4 thoroughly enjoyed making 3D models of Viking homes. The brief was to design and build a model that showed some of their key features. From their research, the children identified that Viking homes were constructed from either mud or wood, were single story, had thatched or t