Design Technology


In Design and Technology, Year Two have been learning how to make a healthy sandwich. The children learned about an incredible inventor named Otto Rowedder, who invented the bread slicer. Did you know, he was known as “the father of sliced bread”? To begin, the children conducted some research into


This week, the Year One children started their Design and Technology block, with a focus on weaving. Our project is to design, make and evaluate a table mat. The week started with conducting some research about table mats. The children were able to look at table mats and say what materials they thou


This week, the children were very excited to find out that they would be cooking. In DT, we began with discussions about food in the Stone Age. The boys and girls can explain that early humans were hunter-gatherers who had a diet consisting of meat, fruit, nuts and berries and how this changed with


We have had a ‘flipping’ good time in Nursery this week! We have learnt all about Pancake Day and Valentine’s Day  as part of our topic learning. We started the week reading the ‘Love Monster’ story which is all about a monster looking for someone to love him, despite what he looks like. This got


Over the next two weeks, we are developing and perfecting our sewing skills by designing and creating our hand puppets. The children began by researching different types of puppets, watching videos and demonstrations of hand, rod, shadow and string/marionette puppets.  We have this week created our


This term in our Forest School sessions we are preparing for our annual survey for The RSPB Big School Bird-watch. Year 6 are busy building bird-hides. The structure of their builds is linked to their RE study regarding the Jewish Festival of Sukkot. Trying to use the detailed guidance for building


The Year 3 children have thoroughly enjoyed this week’s activities. They read the Christmas Story and worked together to retell it using pictures. In DT, the children designed and made a Christmas stocking, using a running stitch technique. They all managed to follow the brief as everyone’s stoc