Design Technology


In D.T. over the last week, the year 6 children have designed and made a working Morse Code transmitter. To begin with, the children had to learn what a Morse Code transmitter was used for. Following this, they designed their product. The children could remember how to create a circuit using their k


This week we have started our DT topic ‘The Rail Project’. The aim of this project is that we will create an electrical moving train from scratch! We began the week looking at George Stephenson and his amazing impact on the history of railways and explored his revolutionary invention ‘The Rock


The children were excited to start a new Design Technology project this week. The week started off with some research into how toys move. The pupils had fun playing with wind up toys, a pull back mouse and toys with a lever mechanism. They learnt that all toys that move need a mechanism such as a le


If you are a very small bear and you want to look a long way the best thing to do is get up high in the air. The children were challenged to create a structure so that the bear could see into the distance. They could use branches and sticks they’d found in the woods. The highest tower would be the w


DT has been linked with our Viking topic from this term and we researched Viking long boats and the design and colours of sails they used.  We made our sails and then created simple pulley systems to raise the lower the sails off the ground. We had previously looked at how pulleys can be used to ma