Year 6


For the past two weeks in maths, Year Six have been learning about fractions. To begin with, the children realised that they needed to use their knowledge of multiples and factors in order to find equivalent fractions and simplify fractions. The children went on to learn how to convert mixed numbers


Today, on the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 2023 our school’s head boy and head girl attended Low Fell’s Remembrance Service which was held at The Boer War Memorial. The Mayor of Gateshead, community members and children from schools in our area attended the service to pay their respects


Over the last week, we have been developing our geographical skills. Geography involves studying the physical features of the earth and the human activity on it. We have used atlases to look at the location of counties, cities and towns that were directly involved in war – either as evacuation or ho


This week, the whole school has had a change from their normal English lessons and there has been a focus on writing and performing poetry. This is an important element in the National Curriculum and one that enables children to develop their creativity and confidence performing in front of others.