Year 6

The end of SATs week brings a mixture of emotions – I think relief being the main one from the children, but for the teachers it is one of pride at how hard the children have tried and how resilient they have been even if they have found some aspects of the test difficult. This afternoon, we have be


In maths, over the last two weeks, the children in Year 6 have been working on co-ordinates and translating and reflecting shapes. They have worked with co-ordinates in all four quadrants, considering when the co-ordinate needs to be positive or negative and have used the principle, ‘along the cor


Visualising shape is a tricky area of maths – sometimes children are just able to see how a net will be folded, or a reflection has happened, but sometimes it’s about having the chance to be practical and find out! In this investigation, the children were given parts of different nets to create shap


Before the Easter holidays, during the author visit, we were introduced to the story of Macbeth when Chris Connaughton acted out the whole play single-handedly. The children enjoyed the performance and got an insight into the story . Over the last two weeks, we have looked at the opening scenes wher