Design Technology


In DT, the year 5 children have been learning about what is meant by ethically sourcing food. After this, they researched foods that were grown in South America. An Argentinian recipe for Alfajores biscuits was then adapted to include an ingredient that could have been grown in South America. A popu


After reading ‘The Magic Train Ride’, a story about a magic train which visits cake land, the children were very excited to make their own cupcakes. They used their mathematical skills to weigh out the ingredients. The children also had to follow instructions in the recipe to bake the cupcakes. They


In DT, year 5 have been learning about different types of bridges ( linked to our topic  ‘The River of Life’). The children were tasked with researching , drawing and identifying key facts about bridges before designing their own bridge.  Children then used a variety of materials and joining techn


This afternoon, some of our fantastic parents visited Year 2 for a parents’ workshop. The children had already planned and designed their own fire engines, so today the children (and parents) worked hard to make them. The children’s creations featured moving wheels, ladders, hoses and windows. We we


In Design and Technology, the children have been learning about moving mechanisms. They learnt that a mechanism helps an object to move. They used a slider to help propel the rocket across the night sky by moving it up and down. The children had to cut the rockets out and create a starry night time


Year One have started to learn about Design and Technology. They investigated moving toys and books. The children discovered that some toys can be moved with a lever, whilst others can be wound up or pushed. They particularly enjoyed winding up the caterpillars and racing them across the floor. The