Religious Education


This week the Year 5 children have started their new unit of Islam. We started the week by recapping their learning from Year 2. The children could remember a great deal. They were able to recall facts about mosques, the Qur’an and worship. We then compare the key feature of the religion to our Autu


Everyone was very excited to go on their very first trip in Year One.  The children have been learning all about Christian churches. They have learnt what happens in a church and features of a church both inside and outside. Today, we all walked down to St. Ninian’s church in Low Fell. We enjoyed


This week, Year Two had a visitor from Newcastle Central Mosque. They learned lots of facts about Islam, including how Muslim babies are welcomed into the world and what happens at a Muslim wedding. To begin, the children learned about aqiqah –  a naming ceremony that takes place when a baby is sev


On Thursday, Year 4 enjoyed a fantastic visit to the ISKCON Hindu temple in Newcastle. We enjoyed stories about the Hindu faith, learning about the prayer ceremony and hearing the chanting and signing.  We had chance to talk about all the fascinating Hindu gods and goddesses and learned about tradi


This term in our Forest School sessions we are preparing for our annual survey for The RSPB Big School Bird-watch. Year 6 are busy building bird-hides. The structure of their builds is linked to their RE study regarding the Jewish Festival of Sukkot. Trying to use the detailed guidance for building


The Year 3 children have thoroughly enjoyed this week’s activities. They read the Christmas Story and worked together to retell it using pictures. In DT, the children designed and made a Christmas stocking, using a running stitch technique. They all managed to follow the brief as everyone’s stoc


Over the last couple of weeks, the children have been learning about the Jewish faith and have studied some of the important beliefs and celebrations. The children have learnt about some important festivals in the Jewish calendar. Rosh Hashanah ‘The Head of the Year’ celebrates the beginning of


This week we have been learning about the first ever Christmas.  Year One have been busy rehearsing their Christmas Nativity. Alongside this, they have also been learning about the Christian story of Christmas. First of all, they learnt the names of all the important characters – Mary, Joseph, Jesu