Religious Education


In RE, the boys and girls are enjoying learning about the Jewish faith. They began by locating Jerusalem and the Western Wall and discussed why these are special places to Jewish people. They then identified objects which would be found in a synagogue and learned about their importance. The children


Today we went on a trip to the IKSON Hindu Temple on Westgate Road.  The visit to the Mandir is part of our RE focus this term on the Hindu faith and Kirtida the priest always welcomes us with a range of activities including drumming, dressing up, listening to some singing and the Puja prayer cerem


Everyone was very excited to go on their very first trip in Year One.   The children have been learning all about Christian churches. They have learnt what happens in a church and features of a church both inside and outside. On Wednesday we all walked down to St. Ninian’s church in Low Fell. We


This week Year Two had two special visitors. They came from Newcastle Central Mosque to teach the boys and girls all about life as a Muslim. The children found out that Muslims believe that we are all brothers and sisters and that we should therefore treat everyone with respect. First, the children


This week we have started our studies all about the Hindu faith.  We looked at key symbols, beliefs and locations of the Hindu faith including its origin and the range of Gods and Goddesses. We looked more closely at some of the different forms, features and qualities that the Gods had and how and


Year three have had lots of festive fun this week in the run-up to Christmas. We began the week with a reminder of the religious meaning behind Christmas in RE. The children revisited the first Christmas which, of course, is the story of the Nativity. Now that the children are in year three, they we


Across school at the end of term, all the children take part in a quiz using the app Mentimeter.  This quizzes them on all things to do with foundation lessons such as History, Geography, Art, PE, Science and more….The classes ring out with cheers and drum rolls. The children are really used to t


Last year, as a school, we created an Interfaith calendar to celebrate the traditions and celebrations of different faiths and cultures within our community. This year, Year 5’s focus is on the Sikh religion. We looked at the Sikh festival of Hola Mohalla and the celebration of Guru Nanak’s life. Ye


In Year 4 this week, the children have been learning all about advent in RE. They learnt that ‘advent’ means the arrival or the coming and Christians spend this time preparing for Jesus. The children then learnt how different countries around the world celebrate advent. In the UK, children often rec


Over the last two weeks, the children in Year 6 have continued to look at some important festivals in the Jewish calendar. Rosh Hashanah ‘The Head of the Year’ celebrates the beginning of the year. Unlike our New Year, it is a solemn festival and is celebrated in late September. The children hav