The history topic in Year 4 this term is ‘Olympians!’ The children had a great day this week with our visitors from Durham University, learning all about the Ancient Greeks. First, the children explored where the Ancient Greeks lived and all about the different Greek city-states. We learned about sy


This week we have been learning about toys and games in the past. First we started by discussing toys and games we all play with today.  LEGO and games consoles seemed to be the most popular.  The children then looked at a range of toys from the past such as jacks, a cup and ball, rocking horse an


Year One had a fantastic time at Beamish this week and luckily, the rain stayed away all day! The children were thrilled to be going on a coach at last and after an immensely exciting  bus journey,  we arrived at Beamish. We tried to visit as many places at Beamish as possible. We started off by r


This term in History, Year Two have been learning about two British monarchs: Henry VIII and Elizabeth II. They started by learning that a monarchy is a form of government where one person, called a monarch, is in charge. They then found out that a monarch is a king or a queen. The boys and girls st


In History, Year 3 have been learning about life through the ages. First, they learned about the Stone Age and investigated artefacts from this time. The children became archaeologists and using images, discussed what the artefacts would have been used for and what they were made out of. We also had


As part of the topic, ‘How Precious Life is..’ the Year 6 children have been learning about the history of coal and how important it was to the local area. To begin with, the children learnt about the significance of the coal mines in the North East. They considered what coal was used for as wel


Following our fantastic trip, Year 5 have started learning about the Anglo-Saxons in History. We started by looking at why the Anglo-Saxons invaded Britain and where they came from.  We learnt that when they invaded Britain, they split it into seven different kingdoms – one of them was Northumbri


To start off our History topic on the Anglo-Saxons, Year 5 took a visit to Jarrow Hall. After arriving, Year 5 were split into two groups. The first group was taken around the functioning farm at Jarrow Hall and looked at animals that would have been used on an Anglo-Saxon farm. The children enjoyed