In History this half term, the Year 5 children have been focussing on the Anglo Saxons. They have discovered where they came from, why they came here and what they did after they arrived! After studying day to day life as an Anglo Saxon, the children were eager to discover more about the most import


Year Two have had a fantastic day out at the Discovery Museum. They learnt all about The Great Fire of Gateshead and looked at some objects that would be found in a Victorian Home. For their task, they had to match the object to the correct label. However, one of the objects on each table didn’t hav


In History, we are studying the Vikings and this week we have looked at how they influenced where we live and how we live today.  We started with the chronology of when the Viking raids took place.  Then we have been looking at houses, lifestyle, work and place names locally – identifying those th


In Year 3, our history topic this term has been the ancient Egyptians. The children have really enjoyed learning about this period of history and the importance of the Nile River to this civilisation. All of the children enjoyed creating a model shaduf which would have been used to take water out of


Over the last two weeks, we have been studying the history part of our topic thinking about World War Two. Before we began our learning about World War Two, we looked at the other history topics that have been studied in Key Stage 2. Then, the children placed these periods on a timeline; they enjoye


Year One started their history topic this week. The children learnt that we learn about dinosaurs by investigating fossils. They discovered that fossils are made over millions of years when soil and rock is compacted onto animal skeletons. They even found out about a special kind of fossil called an