In History, Year Two have been learning all about The Great Fire of Gateshead. After their visit to St Mary’s Heritage Centre, the children had lots of knowledge about how and where the fire started. First, the children sequenced the events that took place on 6th October 1854. Did you know, the firs


To mark Armistice Day this year, the children have had class assemblies about Remembrance and the children in years 3, 4, 5 and 6 watched a live assembly via zoom held by the literacy trust in partnership with The British Legion . Every child in school, has also created their own poppy made from a p


This week, we were very lucky to have some parents in school for our Maths workshop. The workshop focused on activities the children can complete at home to help develop their mathematical knowledge. These included times table bingo, number bond pairs and finding doubles using playing cards. The chi


Today, Year 2 went on a trip to St Mary’s Heritage Centre in Gateshead. They learned all about The Great Fire of Gateshead. First, they learned all about the building they were standing in. St Mary’s Heritage Centre is a church that is 850 years old. It is made of stone and has stained glass windows


Over the last two weeks, the children in Year 6 have been studying the history part of our topic learning about World War Two. To begin with, the children considered the causes of the war and were surprised to learn that there were several different causes not just Hitler and Germany. Even more surp


In Year 4, the children have been learning all about the Vikings! First, they learnt where the Vikings came from and what parts of Britain they invaded. The children were shocked to learn that they invaded the North of England where they lived. Then, the children learnt about Viking place names that


In Year 3, we have been learning about the ancient Egyptians. The children have been fascinated about this period of history and have enjoyed investigating artefacts from this time . As part of our work, the children have identified the importance of the Nile River to this civilisation and all of th


Everyone in Year One enjoyed our history lessons this week. The children are learning about Mary Anning, the first person in England to excavate dinosaur fossils. They firstly listened to the story ‘Dinosaur Lady’. Then they had a go at being a palaeontologist just like Mary Anning. Carefully, they