The Power of Hens

It has been a busy few weeks at Angel court, where the children, residents and artist, Neil Canavan, have been building the new henhouse. It takes pride of place in the Platinum Parterre sensory garden we’ve created to celebrate the Queens Jubilee. This community space encourages the residents to come outside. You may think that the residents are at a time of life where many people are slowing down and not stepping into wellies, but now they are coming out to tend the raised beds, take a stroll around the garden, perhaps having a nibble on some of the edible plants, run their fingers through the textures and enjoy the garden through the changes of season. Adding the hens gives another dimension, empowering older people to build positive relationships through hen-keeping with improved wellbeing, reduced loneliness and reduced depression. The children bring their youth and energy to help maintain the garden, especially important in the winter months, and they can do some of the heavier work, and they are so excited to share their knowledge of hen-keeping with their Angel Court friends.

Neil brought power tools too which is always exciting. As you can see the henhouse is starting to take shape, the main fencing has been erected and posts concreted in. The wire was wrapped and pegged around before the sculpting could begin. Then they added driftwood, taking care with the placement to create the best design. This ties the aesthetic of the henhouse to the driftwood pergola.

Principle 2: Forest School takes place in a woodland or natural wooded environment to support the development of a relationship between the learner and the natural world.

Article 23 – We all have the right to special care and support if we are disabled and able to lead a full and independant life.


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I love that pic

That is one of my favourite pics!

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