Lego Mazes

This term, some of the children in Year Two have been taking part in Lego Club. For the last two weeks, the children have been using Lego baseplates and bricks to create Lego mazes.

First, the children were given one square baseplate and were asked to create a maze using the bricks provided. At first, the children created simple designs, but soon added some complicated elements, including dead ends.

Once the children had created a simple Lego maze, it was time to make it more complex. The boys and girls were given two options to choose from – they could create a hidden Lego maze or a multi-layered maze, using two or three baseplates. Some of the children chose to make a hidden maze. To create this, they started by constructing a simple maze design using just one baseplate. Then, they added another identical baseplate on top to hide the maze within. The children had great fun watching their friends try to navigate the marble from start to finish.

Some of the children chose to create a multi-layered maze. First, they had to decide whether their maze would have two or three layers. Then, they had to carefully construct each layer so the marble could roll from one to the other. Some of the boys and girls realised that if the bricks weren’t stacked high enough, the marble would roll off the side. Also, they had to make sure that each layer was supported on stilts so their maze didn’t fall apart.

The children have identified and solved problems, persevered and shown great creativity so far. Who knows? We may even have some engineers of the future in the making.

Article 31 – We all have the right to rest, relax and play.

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