Well done to the children for a busy week 1 in Year 4!  We have worked on our Science, PE, PHSE, English, Maths, Reading, Spellings, Outdoor Learning, French and Music!  They have been brilliant in getting to know new times and timetables and we can’t wait to get stuck in on Monday again. The chil


This half term, Year 5 have been watching and learning songs from Rob’s Kitchen, which is a YouTube channel dedicated to learning how to create music without instruments! The children have thoroughly enjoyed attempting different methods, with some of their favourites being the ‘cup songs’ and the bo


Year 6 have been enjoying some ‘Rob’s Kitchen’ music during assembly times. A particular favourite, are the ‘Cup’ challenges which focus on rhythm and following a beat. Click on the video links below to see the children enjoying themselves trying to keep up – especially in Challenge 2! Challenge 1


In music this term, the children have been learning about pulse and rhythm. They listened to lots of different songs and were able to find the pulse using actions such as clapping, marching and jumping. Once the children were able to keep a steady pulse, they used their body parts to create simple r


In music this term, the children have been making music using percussion instruments. The focus was to play a glockenspiel accurately and with confidence. The children began by getting to know the glockenspiel and learned to play simple rhythms using one note. They were quick to progress to playing


This half term, the children have been using their body parts to compose music. They explored different parts of their bodies to find out which created the best sound. The children used their hands, shoulders, feet and knees to create a sequence of body percussion. The aim of the unit was to create