In music this half term, Year Six have been developing melodic phrases to compose music within an ensemble. The children worked in groups and were able to organise themselves so that they had a conductor and six musicians playing different notes on the Boomwhackers. The conductor created a steady pu


Across school at the end of term, all the children take part in a quiz using the app Mentimeter.  This quizzes them on all things to do with foundation lessons such as History, Geography, Art, PE, Science and more….The classes ring out with cheers and drum rolls. The children are really used to t


In music this half term, Year 4 are learning how to play the Ukulele. Mr Langford, from Gateshead Music Service, gave the children a great introduction to the Ukulele this week and also performed some of his own songs which caused a lot of excitement. The children learned all about the history of th