This half term, some children from Year Four have attended Music Club with Mrs Galvin. The children have had lots of fun listening to, and making music, in different ways. They enjoyed playing games like ‘Pass the Cup’ using different rhythms, using the boomwhackers to make different sounds to m


Every Tuesday, the children in Year 4 are lucky enough to have Ukulele lessons with Mr Langford. The children have been working on chords and composition as well as learning all about the history of music. They have focused on many genres of music such as pop, folk and blues, but the crowd favourite


This year, the children in Year 4 get the chance to learn a tuned instrument – the ukulele. Our coach – Mr Langford – will guide the children through different notes, chords, the strings, the ways to change the pitch and the length of the notes and introduce simple tunes to the children.  They’ll e


In English, Year Two have been reading The Snail and the Whale written by Julia Donaldson. For their book launch, the children went on a hunt around the school grounds and followed clues which led them closer to their new book. Each clue was written as a rhyme and revealed the location of the next o


In music this half term, Year Six have been developing melodic phrases to compose music within an ensemble. The children worked in groups and were able to organise themselves so that they had a conductor and six musicians playing different notes on the Boomwhackers. The conductor created a steady pu