Archive 2020-21


The children in Year 3 have been working hard with written and mental methods of addition and subtraction.  They have been using place value counters and dienes equipment to add and subtract with two and three digit numbers.    They have also used numberlines to count forward and count back.  Th


Both the children and staff have had a fun filled week in Reception to end what has been a very busy Summer term! We have been thinking about all the memories we have made together, thought about the children who have left and joined us throughout the year and talked about how excited they are for t


It has come to that time where we have to say goodbye to our Year 6 children. Over the last week there has been plenty of opportunities to reminisce, share memories, laugh and reflect upon their time at Harlow Green. The children have had a picnic together, a party and have graduated from primary sc


As part of their topic, Year 3 have been learning about castles. After researching and writing about castle defences, the boys and girls have had the opportunity to make their own trebuchets. They learned about how to make a strong structure using only paper, wooden dowel and masking tape and thorou


Today, our Year 6 children have enjoyed their graduation ceremony. It felt a little strange without the parents being there to share the occasion, but the children have enjoyed themselves and understood the importance and significance of the occasion. Throughout their time in school, all of the teac