So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye…

It has come to that time where we have to say goodbye to our Year 6 children. Over the last week there has been plenty of opportunities to reminisce, share memories, laugh and reflect upon their time at Harlow Green. The children have had a picnic together, a party and have graduated from primary school (with honours). As a school, we are extremely proud of them – they have definitely left their own little mark in Harlow Green’s history. We know that, as parents, it takes a lot of trust to place your children in the hands of others and we are extremely grateful that we have had this opportunity to work with your children during their time at Harlow Green. From all of the staff, we would like to wish them luck next year as they start a new journey at secondary school.

Have a lovely summer and keep safe.

Mr Allen and Mrs Galvin

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