End of Term Message from Mr Malik

Dear Parents/Carers,

We are now at the end of term which, unfortunately, has been another complicated year, to say the least.  We all know the wide-ranging difficulties that families have had to deal with which, at times, has appeared never-ending.  However, within such great adversity there have been significant positives.

Firstly, and most impressively, the children have been simply amazing!  They have shown resilience, positivity and a flexibility to get on with whatever has been thrown at them.  This does not mean that there have not been aspects which have been challenging for all of them and for individuals; however, overall, we have been so very impressed with each and every one of them – they should be very immensely proud of all they have achieved.

It has only been possible for the children to be so happy in school because of the support and effort from families.  Under great pressure, parents and carers have continued to focus on their children and to ensure that they have been ready and prepared to attend school, in order that they can take advantage of all that we have been able to offer.  During lockdowns, having to take on the responsibility of co-educator was a monumental change and to balance that with normal life has been nothing short of heroic.

There have been numerous positive messages from parents and carers regarding staff and their dedication to working with children in school and supporting Home Learning.  Schools have been asked to make significant changes, often with very little notice, but the staff have been dedicated to providing the environment in which children have felt safe and secure.  Knowing that this has been appreciated by families has been supportive for our whole team.

Overall, the Harlow Green community has demonstrated that together we are stronger.  This year has proved that when things are tough and we are challenged, by all of us doing our part, our children will thrive.  As a school, we recognise that we have only been able to achieve what we have because of the collective will from cleaners, cooks, office staff, teachers, teaching assistants, lunchtime supervisors, Lamesley Child Care staff, senior leaders, governors and families.  It is essential that everyone has the opportunity to reflect and are able to say that they made a difference.

On behalf of the staff and governors, I would like to thank families for all that you have done to support Harlow Green. I very much hope that you can all have an enjoyable, relaxing and safe summer and we look forward to seeing everyone again in September.

Yours sincerely,


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