Year 3


What a fantastic afternoon! The whole of KS2 showed just how fantastic they are with brilliant behaviour, amazing athletics and super sportsmanship! Determination, resilience and team spirit were all clearly demonstrated by the children. The children were all split into 4 teams-the last four countri


As part of our study into castles, Year 3 have designed and made their own flags. The children began by exploring patterns from around the world and used viewfinders to create detailed sketches. The next step was to dye their fabric, using a dip dye technique, to make their flag stand out. Then, the


Year 3 created a huge variety creatures using clay and natural materials. From spiders to llamas, ladybirds to Godzilla! The children then had to describe their creatures, their personality, where they live, what they might eat. Some very imaginative ideas, executed well. Article 28 – We all have th


During PE, in Year 3, the boys and girls have been developing their throwing skills. In athletics, the children have been competing to throw the furthest distance with Nerf rockets. In cricket and rounders, they have been learning how to aim, in order to hit a small target. The children worked hard


During science in year 3, the boys and girls have been investigating magnets. The children began with a scrapyard challenge where they used magnets to separate materials into magnetic and non- magnetic. Next, they created an illusion of a floating paperclip using the strength of magnetic fields. The


This morning, our fantastic Year 3 and Year 4 athletes took part in the 15th year of Glynwood Games! The pupils all showed fantastic skills in all of the events and should be proud of the effort they showed today. Both our teams came 3rd overall, with our Year 3 team missing out on second place by j