Year 3


June 5th is ‘World Environment Day’ led by the United Nations with the aim of raising awareness and putting actions into place which will help protect the world in which we live. There are many ways in which our lifestyles have a negative impact upon our environment.  However, there are many ways i


During maths, Year 3 have been learning to read the time. The boys and girls  have worked hard this week, using their reasoning skills to solve problems about the months of the year and are learning to tell the time at 5 minute intervals. The children have worked extremely hard to read roman numera


In Science, Year 3 have been investigating how plants grow well. The boys and girls chose their own question and set up their own investigations, removing an important factor from the plants e.g. water. During the week, the children observed any changes and used scientific vocabulary to write up the


In Year 3, the boys and girls have been looking at our local area and discussing rural and urban regions. The children were able to sort pictures and find rural and urban areas around us on a map. The children enjoyed stepping out into the local area to research how the land around us is used and wo


During a glorious summer afternoon at Cardinal Hume School, Harlow Green’s Year 3 tennis team’s training over the last year culminated in them competing in one of two Gateshead competitions. Over the three hours, the boys and girls were pitted against five other primary schools and played matches as


In Year 3, the boys and girls have been developing their dictionary skills. The children are reading The Firework- Maker’s Daughter and began by recording challenging words on post it notes. They used dictionaries to check the meaning of these words before arranging them alphabetically. UNICEF: Arti


In Year 3, the boys and girls have been learning about the changes that have taken place in the UK over time.  The children explored how and why housing has developed and improved. They really enjoyed constructing different types of housing and ordering them on a timeline. The boys and girls have r


This week, Years 1-5 all enjoyed a taster session from Destination Jodo. All the children across the year groups thoroughly enjoyed themselves during these sessions. The children were given leaflets about the Judo clubs that are run in our local area.     Article 29 – We all have the right


The boys and girls in Year 3 have been learning about the Jewish festival of Purim. Lots of people like to dress up during Purim and it is custom to wear bright colours. The children have learned all about the different traditions and have made their own masks to celebrate. The boys and girls had gr