Year 6


In D.T. over the last week, the year 6 children have designed and made a working Morse Code transmitter. To begin with, the children had to learn what a Morse Code transmitter was used for. Following this, they designed their product. The children could remember how to create a circuit using their k


Year 6 enjoyed a meal together at Primevera on Low Fell as they celebrate their last week at primary school. It was lovely to see the children enjoying themselves and socialising (when they weren’t on their phones). It was one of a number of events in this last week to mark the end of their time at


What a fantastic afternoon! The whole of KS2 showed just how fantastic they are with brilliant behaviour, amazing athletics and super sportsmanship! Determination, resilience and team spirit were all clearly demonstrated by the children. The children were all split into 4 teams-the last four countri


Year 6 have been completing a design technology challenge over the last week. They had to design and build a Roman Chariot that would hold 15 cubes and travel 10 metres. Firstly, they carried out research and looked at the purpose of the chariots. They then had to produce three designs and combine t


Year 6 enjoyed running a mile and completing a soccer skills challenge to raise money for UNICEF. It was excellent to see the enthusiasm that they had and also the understanding they had of the importance of thinking of others and the need to raise money to help those less fortunate. There were cert


Last week, some of our fantastic Year 6 athletes walked to Lyndhurst Bowling Club to take part in a tournament against different local schools. All the children had lots of fun trying out this new sport and both teams came third! Article 29 – We all have the right to develop our talents and abilitie