Year 5


In history this term, year 5 have studied the Ancient Islamic Civilisation. This important civilisation began around AD624 when the prophet Muhammad began the Islamic religion in Saudi Arabia. Firstly, the children created a timeline of significant events in the development of the civilisation from


This half term, both classes in Year 5 have enjoyed learning new French vocabulary and phrases based on dates and birthdays on the unit Quelle est la date aujourd’hui? When learning French, the children have the opportunity to practise and develop their speaking, listening, reading, writing and phon


Six members of Year 5 were lucky enough to spend the day at the new Baltic Campus of Gateshead College to take part in the final of the Boardroom Challenge, against seven other local schools. They presented their fundraising idea to a panel of local councillors, bank managers and two representatives


What a fantastic afternoon! The whole of KS2 showed just how fantastic they are with brilliant behaviour, amazing athletics and super sportsmanship! Determination, resilience and team spirit were all clearly demonstrated by the children. The children were all split into 4 teams-the last four countri


Year 5 enjoyed their transition time with their new teachers. It was a chance to meet the people in their new class and find out a little bit about life in Year 6. They enjoyed the opportunity to play team games and challenges, which made them think about how to co-operate and communicate with each