This week in Nursery, we have been busy setting up a new vet’s surgery role play area.  The children have been finding out about the role of a vet and the other staff that work in the surgery.  They have enjoyed pretending to be receptionists, pet owners and vets.


This week the children have been splitting into small groups for welcome time.  They have enjoyed completing the group message board each day.  This consists of counting how many children are in the group, discussing the weather and learning what day of the week it is.  Staff also tell the childr


The Nursery children were very excited this week, when one of our parents brought some ducklings to visit. The ducklings were only one week old.  The children asked lots of questions about the ducklings: finding out what they eat; where they live; how big they will grow and the type of ducks they


The boys and girls at Nursery have enjoyed taking part in lots of under the sea themed activities.  They have been creating fish using bubble wrap to paint and collage materials.  They have been doing lots of counting activities using ten frames to count seaside objects.  To develop their writing


At Nursery, we have been learning what a seed needs to grow.  The children have planted their own flower and vegetable seeds both in pots and straight into the ground outside.  We are looking forward to watching our crops grow over the coming months.


This week, the nursery children have been interested in the pirates.  They have had great fun building their own pirate ships both outside and inside.  They have been using scissors to cut out their own pirate hats; made their own treasure maps and  went on a treasure hunt and then counted their