Year 3


In Year 3 the children have been learning about how mirrors work as part of our science topic on light. The boys and girls have been exploring reflection and how light reacts to different surfaces. The children used mirrors to write secret messages and to help find their way along the yard without l


The Year 3 Tennis Team has begun its training in preparation for the competition which is scheduled for the summer term. Over the sessions, the children will learn new racket skills, hand/eye co-ordination and mobility.  So far the children have really enjoyed the sessions and are trying their very


The boys and girls in Year 3 have been developing their ball skills. This week the children have focused on throwing with control and rolling with accuracy. The boys and girls practiced throwing and catching beanbags and then played mini games involving dribbling.


In Year 3 the children had the opportunity today to handle and look at Ancient Egyptian artefacts. This was as an introduction to our History topic. The boys and girls used the artefacts to generate questions about Ancient Egypt that we hope to answer during our history lessons.


Year 3 have been exploring 3 digit numbers up to 1000. The boys and girls had great fun playing positional games on giant number lines outside. The children were challenged with placing themselves on different number lines in the correct position. This was really tricky and everybody tried their bes


In Year 3 the children have been exploring different representations of 3 digit numbers. Today the boys and girls made 3 digit numbers using counters and solved puzzles involving making the same number in different ways. Some children were able to write a calculation to show the number they had made


In Year 3 the children found a number of clues that led them around the school grounds collecting objects that link to the books that they will be studying. The children had to solve riddles, follow a map and use inference and deduction to try and work out what the books could be about. Great fun wa


Very proud boys, showing off their tripod making skills. During our Forest School sessions, Year 3 have been investigating the importance of water, both in ancient and modern civilizations.  Examining a globe, we discussed why certain countries have developed methods of transporting water, how thi