Year 4


During DT this summer, we start by looking at food miles; imports, exports and why we have to move food around the world.  The children discussed where their food came from and why some foods only grow in some climates.  We found that a lot of green food came from the UK and as you get into hotter


This week saw a change of pace at Angel Court. Hannah Shaw, a printmaker, came to run a creative session inspired by the wood carvings of Thomas Bewick. First the children looked at some of his books, using magnifiers to hone in on the details. They discussed how much texture and movement he managed


Our Geography topic this half term involves comparing two different European countries.  Since we already know so much about Ancient Greece, it is good to look at modern Greece as a comparison!  This week we started by looking at the climate zones, how this is likely to impact on the way people li


Since Easter, Year 4 have been learning about programming in Computing using FMS Logo and directing a ‘screen turtle’ to draw shapes and patterns.  We started by simply directing the turtle around the screen, drawing lines and simple squares.  We progressed onto letters, more complex shapes and th


A busy week in our Forest School. Reception built dinosaur nests and as you can see they are are moving and handling the wild resources with confidence and maturity. Some other children worked with clay or collected special items for our Forest Museum board. Meanwhile the strawberries were weeded an


Wow! What an exciting day we have had across school! The children have thoroughly enjoyed celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee today. We started the day with some painting in the style of Ogla Koval, before heading outside for our school picnic. Outside, the children were entertained by some sti