Year 4


Yesterday evening, the Harlow Green Cheerleaders performed their incredible routine in front of an adoring crowd! They shook their pom-poms, cartwheeled perfectly and worked beautifully as a team. It was a joy to watch how excited and enthusiastic the children were before and during their performanc


In Geography we’ve been learning about how land use changes over time and we were fascinated to look at maps of Harlow Green from now and 100 years ago. So much has changed – and we couldn’t believe how many pits there used to be! Article 29 – develop a broad education that supports different talent


  This afternoon, children from the Key Stage 2 choir were treated to a singing workshop with Sharon Durant – a renowned singing specialist both locally and internationally – in preparation for a 1940s inspired tea dance at Grace College. The concert will be held on Wednesday 13th November f


In science this half term, our topic is ‘Electricity’. The children have learnt that electricity is a type of energy we use to make everyday appliances work and have identified which appliances run on mains electricity and which are powered by batteries. They have also discovered the difference betw