Year 2


In Design and Technology, Year Two have been making healthy packed lunches. As part of their research, the children learned about Jethro Tull and his incredible invention – the seed drill. Tull began farming in 1699 when seeds were planted by hand. He found this very frustrating, so he decided to ma


In RE, Year Two have been learning all about Islam. First, they learned how Muslim babies are welcomed into the world. They were very interested (and surprised) to find out that, when a baby is seven days old, it’s hair is shaved and weighed. The amount the baby’s hair weighs is the amount of money


This week, Year 2 have been learning how to keep our teeth clean. The children learnt the steps to brush our teeth. These were: First, squeeze a pea sized amount of toothpaste onto your toothbrush. Next, brush the front of your teeth. Then, gently brush the outside of your teeth and the back teeth.


This week, Year Two have been learning how to make different shapes with their bodies in Gymnastics. The children learned how to make shapes at different levels – on the floor, when sitting and when standing. Lots of the shapes the children learned were simple and straightforward to master, includin


In Computing, Year Two have been learning how to stay safe online. This week, the children learned why using an avatar can help protect their identity online. They decided, even though an avatar is not a photograph, a drawing of a person can look very similar. Therefore, the children chose to use an


This week, Year Two started to read their new book in English – ‘Into the Woods’ written by Anthony Browne. For their first lesson, the children focused on the front cover. They discussed what they could see and thought about where the boy might be going.  The boys and girls had some fantastic idea